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Today…… ugh……
In class we discussed ‘Night, Mother. Ohmygoodness…..
The play and movie are so invasive ly indentifying to me, both chrarcters but mainly jessie… and that…that is not a good thing. At all, ever. I dont want to be like this but I am.
The we basically discovered who in this class had ever been suicidal and who handnt and that was awful. We vented so much about it. We’ve been there, we dont care at that moment that we are being selfish. We cant take it, we are tired and done and we cant deal with it, we want release.
To be free
To not have to be tired all the time
To not have to feel lonely even in a crowd
To not be judged
To not be yelled at for things
To do what we want
To feel

Then at youth group we discussed suicide and bullying and im just like, please, can we not.

I wasnt even depressed today, and I want to stab myself.

The boy did let me have his cookie and the last softshell taco though.

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